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Blue Gate Gallery

Blue Gate Gallery is the exclusive representative of New York Artist Danielle Procaccio.

Procaccio has a strong portfolio of flower paintings, shaped flower canvasses, classic sign compositions, and stunning equestrian paintings. 

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Series of  30  |  36 x 36 Inches

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Blue Gate is pleased to present an exhibition by contemporary artist Danielle Procaccio. 

Procaccio is known for creating unique and original series of contemporary art while working in several different mediums like collage, resin, acrylic, and oils. 

This exhibition features her newest "Shaped Flowers" series. Only a select few artists are working with the complexity of shaped canvas. Danielle is one of the first female artists taking her art to this level.

Featuring a combination of shaped flowers and her mixed media canvases, Danielle Procaccio's upcoming show at Blue Gate highlights the joy that art can bring to your life.



Blue Gate is pleased to present Healing Power of the Horse, an exhibition featuring the work of artist Danielle Procaccio. 

The unique style of paintings by Danielle Procaccio is a process of steps. Danielle ages paper and applies them in layers, giving each viewer a sense of depth. The complex layers express a sense of motion that make each painting come to life.The main symbols that depict the horse are strength and courage. 

During these trying times the paintings are meant to enable perseverance and encourage positivity. The equine images are always her most important and sought after series of paintings. 

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“My desire is to observe the natural world, capture these moments or feelings, turn them into something beautiful and then share them.”

Danielle Procaccio

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Paintings, Shaped Canvases

Danielle experiences painting as a spiritual journey.  Each stage of life brings about changes.  Even as a child, she always wanted to capture life's moments and preserve each precious memory. 

This desire became her inspiration; to observe the natural world, to preserve that image, and then share it.  Danielle wants each viewer to look at the piece and be struck with an emotion or maybe a distant memory. 

Procaccio’s work has been exhibited in galleries all over the world. Today, her art can be found in a number of corporate and important private collections worldwide. 

Through her art, Danielle has been able to make a spiritual connection with herself. As you view her art, accept her invitation to make your own connection.

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