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Blue Gate Gallery

Blue Gate Gallery is a fine art gallery and art advisory office providing art consultation in both the primary and secondary markets.  Our expertise lies in working together with clients to understand their personal aesthetic and collecting goals in order to find works of art that fit their interests and budget. We believe that understanding the overall market is an integral part of our job as consultants, and take pride in educating our clients on the market conditions of any given artist or specific piece.


Spirit of the West

John DePuy | John Nieto 


Embrace the “Spirit of the West”, featuring the colorful, arresting paintings of acclaimed contemporary artist John Nieto (1936-2018) and great American painter, John De Puy (1927-2023). A highly curated selection of works can be found in both our Aspen and Santa Fe galleries, and we are proud to represent the De Puy estate on the sale of each De Puy work.

John De Puy, affiliated with the Taos Moderns, studied under German Expressionist painter Hans Hofmann. His colorful work reflected his passion to protect and conserve the previously wild landscapes of the American Southwest. John Nieto utilized intense primary colors, applied in bold strokes to give dimension and character to the canvas. 


Meet The Artist; John Nieto

John Nieto was one of America’s most dynamic contemporary artists, concentrating on themes that transcended mere representation. He utilized intense primary colors, applied in bold strokes to give dimension and character to the canvas. In his etchings and drawings, Nieto employed classic linear techniques to create images of great detail and depth. In all of Nieto’s art, sensitivity and respect for his subject are projected. He concentrated on capturing in his work his unique vision of the subjects he painted on canvases of vibrant, electric hues. The bold imagery of Nieto’s dynamic style is the essence of his art through which he sought to evoke a reaction or response from the viewer. His art is a synthesis of his philosophy and his technical versatility, a powerful expression of pride and vitality. Nieto was unique among contemporary American artists.

Meet The Artist; John De Puy

John De Puy, born in 1927 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, traces his artistic lineage back to New Mexico, where his grandfather owned a ranch in Mora during the late 1800s. Following his service as a medic in WWII and the early Korean War, De Puy immersed himself in art, studying under the tutelage of Hans Hoffman in New York during the early 1950s.


In 1949, De Puy first encountered the inspiring landscapes of Taos, New Mexico, a place he returned to in 1952 to study at the Taos Valley Art School with Louis Ribak, courtesy of the GI Bill. This period marked the formation of the Taos Moderns, a collective of pioneering artists including De Puy, Ribak, Beatrice Mandelman, Agnes Martin, and others. De Puy's commitment to preserving the untamed beauty of the American Southwest led him to form a pact with author Edward Abbey. Their shared mission, one wielded through a paintbrush and the other through a pen, aimed to safeguard the wilderness they cherished. Today, many of the landscapes immortalized by De Puy's art are protected as national parks or returned to indigenous stewardship.



Robert Thomas

Blurred Lines

Robert Thomas is an American artist born in 1975 who currently resides and creates in Bucks County, PA. Graduating from the School of Visual Arts in 1997, his artistic expression spans various mediums, including paintings, sculptures and videos. Thomas previously embarked on an editorial journey, contributing to renowned publications such as Andy Warhol's Interview magazine Nylon, as well as The New York Times and Surfing magazine. This editorial influence is evident in his work, characterized by bold typography and nods to commercial art. Describing himself as "obsessive" about design and typography, Thomas employs vibrant colors and daring typefaces reminiscent of early racing posters.    His body of work pays homage to a culture that fuels his inspiration. The inaugural exhibition of The Robert Thomas Project, titled "Blurred Lines," is the culmination of a decade-long exploration into vintage motorcycle & car racing and its surrounding culture. "I've always been fascinated by thrill seekers, risk takers, those who never yawn. In my view, motorcycle and car racers rank among the top of that list," says Thomas. He aims to challenge the boundary between commercial and fine art, reflected in the concept and title of "Blurred Lines."



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